Construction and public works industry

As you can imagine, Construction and public works is a dangerous industry; even more, it employs many different types of subcontractors that each have risks associated with their professions.

These men and women must be vigilant about almost every type of accident they could experience, as the risks for the profession are plentiful. No matter what physical work is involved, Santinel is there to help you navigate through potential dangers.

We are familiar with your branch of industry and can offer you many solutions, including electrical safety training or occupational hygiene, for example.

Whether it is the danger of electrocution caused by electric cables, road accidents during roadwork, ditch work, lung diseases due to inhaled dust from plasters or toxic smoke, falls or muscular damage to the back or other parts of the body, Santinel can help you construct and maintain a healthy and secure work environment.


Chemical Industry

The Chemical industry is an important manufacturing sector which is far from free of risks. This sector includes varied companies that use or produce a multitude of substances and derivatives that can be potentially dangerous for health, safety or the environment.

Though it enjoys a lower rate of contribution than the average, the companies of this sector must ensure constant attention because the accident risk remains high and could have serious repercussions. Whether the hazard is the possible inhalation of toxic products, an accidental discharge or an involuntary contact with unprotected skin, Santinel can help you to prevent the risks by setting up procedures and training sessions in worker health and safety.

Companies from this sector can benefit from the precision of our company to produce documents, procedures and services equal to the high standards demanded by industry. Complex lockout procedures, tested procedures for entry into enclosed spaces, complete rescue procedures, and training of a first aid team for emergency interventions, an advanced course on safe handling procedures for chemicals; all are implemented to ensure the health and the safety of your workers and the environment surrounding you.


Forest and sawmills

The vastness of the Canadian forests explains the huge scale of the commercial exploitation found in the industry. Even today, the forest industry is considered a powerful engine of the Quebec economy.

If we talk about heavy machinery, dangerous machines, use of cutting tools, a somewhat hostile work environment, what does that tell you?

Over the years, Santinel has offered its services to companies within the forestry development and sawmill industry. The dangers associated with the nature of this work environment are numerous and injuries can happen from excessive efforts, handling incidents, falls or by working with large and noisy machines.

Thanks to our training courses in the fields of fire prevention, emergency interventions and first aid in isolated areas, coupled with our proven programs including those on machine safety, working at height, noise exposure and respiratory protection, Santinel is a proven, excellent resource to help ensure the health and the safety of your workers.


Mines, quarries and oil wells

Every month there’s reports about incidents or more serious events in mines and quarries all over the planet. Though it is reduced in terms of number of facilities in Quebec, this industry provides a fair share of accidents and deaths through occupational hazards.

Santinel can help workers in this industry prepare for the worst. Ideal for miners, we have equipment for air quality control and training for those who work in enclosed spaces. We have also developed adaptable first aid kits and procedures that can be quite useful.

The physical injuries, dust, toxic vapours, vigilance with hot work, work in small spaces and many other elements must be recognized and dealt with. Thanks to our expertise, Santinel can help you adequately prepare your company to face the specific risks found in your sector, train your employees and prepare them to be proactive in the event of an emergency.


Manufacture of metal products

The Canadian industry of metal products manufacturing holds a significant place in the economy of the country and a great percentage of construction materials manufactured in Canada are made of metal. This industry includes the manufacture of metal products along with structural and architectural metals.

Whether it is the use of heavy equipment, dangerous machines which, in the beginning, were not designed to be secure, intense physical effort, tough environmental constraints (heat, dust, cold, etc), the sector faces hundreds of dangers and must remain ready.

Santinel has vast expertise and many years of experience in interventions of all kinds in this sector of industry.

Consider us for your next prevention management programs, procedures and complete training sessions for forklifts or cranes, machine safety and cutting edge lockout procedures or for training in ergonomics, controlled products, confined spaces or extinguishing fires.

It is important to understand the sector well to intervene effectively, and Santinel has been reliable through the years, so leave it to us to help you with our speciality: health and safety.


Wood Industry (excluding sawmills)

In Canada, the wood industry is made up of companies that transform wooden balls into saw logs, wood veneer, plywood, particle boards and oriented strand board formed panels.

For more than 200 years, wood products have played an essential role in Canada’s economic development.

It is a noisy industry, filled with machines requiring special attention on behalf of all workers. The risks for workers are many: electrocutions, musculoskeletal disorders, access to dangerous areas or intoxication. Santinel offers programs centred on safety and offers products, services and specific training that fit your needs, including recognized programs on machine safety, lockouts and respiratory protection.

Santinel will help your factory put safety procedures for your workers into place while offering the support you need in the long term to carry out your health and safety objectives.


Rubber and plastic products Industry

Our world rests on this industry for practically everything we use.

The rubber and plastics products manufacturing industry is an advanced sector, with multiple facets transforming and producing a variety of useful objects and components.

But to produce all this variety is not without risk, and the dangers to workers come from various sources: electricity, chemicals and solvents and dangerous machines, just to name a few.

Santinel has been present in your sector of industry for many years to set up complete prevention programs and management of occupational injuries. Our advanced training services centered on the practice and the acquisition of useful knowledge also supports the reduction of occupational accidents and diseases.

By offering emergency measures programs, first aid in the workplace or emergency interventions, Santinel also helps workers of this industry by supplying the important information needed to work in complete safety.


Manufacture of transportation equipment

This sector is well served in Quebec in terms of available resources that cover relevant elements of its prevention program. The dangers related to activities of this sector are many and thoroughly justify this program.

Santinel offers you, in addition to its entire standard and recognized prevention services, modern solutions which, by combining precise interventions, recommendations and quality training, will make your prevention program a true agent of change for your company.

Have confidence in Santinel for the development, set up and distribution of your various adapted programs like working in enclosed spaces, lockouts and WHMIS, or ask us to prepare strategic prevention plan with a calendar of interventions that correspond to your intervention abilities and your objectives.


Primary Metals manufacturing Industry

The Primary Metals manufacturing Industry counts nearly 180 businesses employing dozens of trade and professional workers throughout the province.

Health and safety issues are a major concern in this sector because factory work can lead to accidents including lacerations, fractures and in certain tragic accidents, limb amputations.

The majority of companies in this sector have health and safety committees already at work and the mechanisms in place to advance prevention.

Santinel offers, in addition to all its services, to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your prevention committee and all the activities in place through an audit and analysis of the work environment. Training sessions or complete solutions are also offered to enable you to focus your efforts on the raison d’être of your company in full safety.

For all your prevention and management needs, occupational injuries management, occupational hygiene or first aid, we are the best resource.


Manufacture of non-metal mineral products

The non-metal mineral products sector connects the production of cement, ceramics, glass and lime. They are traditional manufacturing industries which often transform minerals from their natural state, like limestone, silica and clay.

A great number of the companies in this sector have problems with air quality and particles. Santinel helps factories evaluate contaminants and air quality to find effective and permanent solutions to the problems discovered.

Our complete respiratory protection programs, our varied training sessions and our advantageous solutions can also be a precious resource for you.

Let us help you manage your mobile equipment, lifting devices or devise your emergency procedures – you and your employees will greatly benefit from it.


Public administration

In spite of what we would like to believe, this sector of economic activity has its own batch of accidents and occupational hazards. The products and services offered by Santinel are completely adaptable and appropriate to this sector because they correspond to the situations and risks faced by managers and workers in their daily lives.

Effort, ergonomic problems, falls or psychological problems are not to be ignored. Managers must be ready to deal with all kinds of situations from interventions in right of refusal situations to the management of unseen problems in regards to safety matters.

Our experts are here to help by providing support in the form of assistance and coaching to your essential resources. We also have a range of appropriate training sessions for general or more specialized needs, such as working at height or in confined spaces, rescue from height, confined spaces or difficult to access spaces, lockout or the use of mobile equipment, scaffolds or lifts.

Our expertise in the management of the occupational injuries and our experience in training first-aid workers in work environments have also been recognized and required for many years by the companies in this sector.


Food and drink Industries


Furniture and the furnishing Industries

The manufacture of couches, tables, beds… to raise, push, pull… back problems, torn muscles, aches and pains for the workers. The data concerning these industries shows that they are not immune to accidents and must confront prevention issues.

Daily incidents are ever-present among industry workers and the need for prevention programs is essential.

Santinel is happy to offer products and services centered on prevention, interventions targeted on critical tasks or imposing physical efforts, programs about the regulations on the information system of dangerous materials used with WHMIS, first aid in the work environment, as well as assistance in the management of occupational injuries.

These are just several of our offers for the businesses in this sector, please contact us and you will see that we are the industry reference to find all occupational health and safety services under the same roof.


Industry of paper and paper products

The workers in this branch of industry must face a certain number of risks, including the toxicity of the products used during the bleaching process of paper pulp, as well as imposing, continuously moving machines, heavy equipment and the inflammability of materials and products used.

At Santinel, we specialize in health and safety. We can help you avoid the terrible impact that improper handling, lack of knowledge or inadequate protection can have on the environment, staff and the company. We offer comprehensive programs in industrial hygiene and prevention of occupational injuries.

For all your needs, from industrial hygiene and environmental compliance of your machines through training on the use of lifting equipment and expertise in case management of an accident, consider Santinel. Needs change, laws and regulations are increasing and becoming more complex and demanding, but we are still a leader in this field.


Transport and Storage

This sector includes businesses primarily engaged in providing transportation and storage of goods, people and a variety of merchandise. Whether we speak of road, rail, air, water, pipeline or work in a warehouse, workers in this sector are facing major challenges and are not impervious to a number of major accidents and deaths from these accidents.

The myriad of risks go on and on; the use of heavy equipment, forklifts, contact with chemicals, transportation of hazardous materials in addition to specific risks in the sector with falls, lacerations, strains and musculoskeletal problems , and road accidents.

Santinel can help by offering a variety of management programs for forklifts, hoists, alcohol and drugs or by providing training tailored to your specific needs in health or safety.


Trade and product distribution

Trade and product distribution is an economic sector, one of the biggest in terms of number of businesses in Quebec, has its share of accidents, occupational diseases and preventive leave.

Trade and distribution of products may seem to be an industry with very little risk to employees, but they have to face many musculoskeletal disorders, falls, physical injuries, lacerations and accidents related to the use of mobile equipment.

Through its team of experts, Santinel can visit your workplace and implement programs in industrial hygiene, first aid in the workplace, ergonomics or develop emergency procedures tailored to your situation whatever the size of your company may be. Often limited in resources, companies in this sector have everything to gain from doing business with a specialist who combines all the services they may need.


Leather Industry

The group of leather industries includes a smaller number of businesses but does not have to be neglected due to that fact.

The work requires careful attention to detail, extended working hours, sometimes a wet working environment, handling toxins and often being around carcinogens. The risks of the workplace in this sector are often associated with the use of machines and tools. Employees are often the victims of dermatitis, musculoskeletal disorders, or various physical injuries.

Santinel has worked for 30 years in the field of workplace health and safety and offers their adapted services in industrial hygiene, machine safety or customized training in preventing back pain or musculoskeletal disorders. Call us for prevention or for the technical management of injuries, our specialists will be happy to help you find the most advantageous solution.


Manufacture of machines (except electric)

The heavy machinery and equipment industry includes plants that produce pumps and compressors, metalworking tools, forestry equipment, mining and agricultural machinery and more.

In recent years, the machinery industry has been one of the fastest growing sectors in the Canadian manufacturing industry. As you can imagine, the manufacture of these machines has its own set of dangers for workers who face the risk of burns, poisoning and deafness.

Santinel can provide a complete range of products and services to help train and protect your workers: first aid kits, programs for working with heat, in confined spaces, machine safety, lockout procedures, use of lifting equipment or forklifts and handling and storage of dangerous materials.

The expertise of Santinel rests, above all, on knowledge, experience and exceptional customer service.


Tobacco Industry

The tobacco industry has the smallest number of facilities of all sectors. The low average rate of contribution from companies in this sector also demonstrates proper records management and a focus on prevention of occupational injuries.

To ensure the sustainability of your business, to make sure that it remains on the cutting edge or following industry laws and standards in place or to simply get an external audit about performance, Santinel offers a range of inspections, inspections and diagnostic tools.

Maintain your high level of expertise by letting Santinel develop or manage your training program. Intervention in an emergency, fire suppression, musculoskeletal disorders or use of hazardous materials, all our courses are there for one reason: making your employees better informed and better equipped about the prevention of accidents and diseases. You are experts in your field, and we are in ours.


Textile industry

The textile and clothing industry may appear stalled, but the threat of accidents and industrial diseases in this sector has not ended. The industry has numerous businesses throughout a production line composed of fabric manufacturers, manufacturers of finished products and distributors that transform raw fibres into semi-finished or fully manufactured products.

Aside from the toxic chemicals that come into contact with workers in factories, fire risks are high, and so are musculoskeletal disorders. Santinel can help your business through its training programs in the field of workplace health and safety. Our first aid techniques and occupational health and safety programs are particularly suitable for the specific needs of industries in this sector.

Trust Santinel to make your company a pioneer in OHS matters and reduce costs associated with your employer file with the CSST through sound risk management and accident records.


Other business and personnel services

On some occasions, there are those emergencies that force employees of commercial service or personal responsibility for their own health and safety, their colleagues or assist a client in trouble. This business has the largest number of businesses of all categories.

Unfortunately, many facilities deal with numerous accidents, occupational injuries and preventive leave. Sadly, there are also some deaths in this segment of the industry. Employees in this industry face a number of risks such as musculoskeletal risks, lacerations or psycho-physiological risks.

A service company itself, Santinel understands the issues and problems specific to your industry and is able to respond with its range of adapted solutions, services and training. Our programs are part of a pragmatic and proactive management process to meet your expectations and ambitions.


Communications, transport of energy and other public services

We do not always realize it, but the energy that we use every day to run our equipment, heat our homes, light the streets of our neighbourhood or to operate the plants must be transported before being consumed locally. It is the same for all communications services we use.

Having used Santinel services in recent years, major companies in your area of economic activity were able to benefit from quality service, expertise and value. Regardless of the risks and hazards specific to your business, we have the solution for you.

Road signs, working at height, emergency response in difficult to access areas, lockouts, confined space rescue, Santinel offers programs in complete health and safety procedures to make your sector better equipped to handle multiple hazards. Santinel is now a reference for the industry.


Printing, edition and related activities

In the printing, publishing and related activities industry, cuts caused by the handling of paper or sharp objects are common, hands crushed by moving machinery or heavy loads, the risk of collisions with the handling of heavy equipment, fire and poisoning by contact or the use of chemicals are risks faced by those who earn their living in this sector.

Santinel can help you develop safer working conditions for your employees, and well suited protocols. With 30 years experience, Santinel is a leader in the world of health and safety. Programs such as machine safety, fire safety, first aid in the workplace and expertise in the handling, storage and identification of hazardous materials are examples of programs tailored to your industry.

We also offer tailor made training sessions and consultation services adapted to your needs, no matter the size of the organization.


Manufacture of oil and coal products

Few accidents. Few facilities. We might be inclined to believe that everything is perfect in this vital sector of economic activity but is not as easy as that.

There are potential dangers surrounding the men and women working in this industry. Indeed, the risk of explosion, poisoning, burns, and toxic spills are everywhere, but with sound risk management and expanded procedures, they are often controlled and do not result in serious accidents.

To protect the staff of these institutions and to maintain a high level of health and safety performance, Santinel offers companies in the sector program evaluations, training that will ensure the maintenance or development of knowledge and skills that will further reduce risks in handling and interventions. So for your next training sessions on the use of bridge cranes, or to develop an internal trainer in any relevant field, ask Santinel.


Manufacture of electric products

Companies in this strategically important sector form a group whose activities are vital to the Quebec economy. Maintaining employment and being able to provide maximum service delivery become important challenges for employers.

Among the challenges in health and safety is exposure to toxic chemicals and heavy metals, the risk of burns, lacerations and musculoskeletal disorders.

Santinel programs offers assessment and risk analysis, management of personal protective equipment and training services specializing in industrial hygiene, controlled product management, lockouts and many others.

Our services and solutions can provide you with valuable assistance, which could make the difference in keeping your valuable employees.



Canada has a well established agriculture and agri-food industry that has long been an immense success in the global market. This is a field where employees face multiple risks associated with machinery, tools and heavy equipment, and work in confined spaces where exposure to contaminants is common.

Santinel offers specialized services, including training for entry into confined spaces, working at heights, lockouts, specialized rescue procedures and self-rescue. We have worked in the agricultural sector over the years and understand the issues and problems well.

Call on Santinel for all your health and safety needs, big or small, and we will assist you in setting up, independently advise you in choosing equipment and will offer training services with the most qualified trainers available.


Hosiery and clothing

Clothing manufacture fits within the clothing manufacturing industry of Quebec. This industry includes the manufacture of clothing from fabric, wool or fur. It often involves five major steps: preparation of cutting, cutting, assembly, finishing and shipping. Each of these stages involves specific risks that must be understood and managed.

Cuts, scratches, musculoskeletal disorders, the risk of fire and hazards related to the use of machinery and tools are the daily dangers faced workers of the industry.

Santinel can improve the existing situation by visiting your facility and offering services and programs that match your specific concerns. Whether it is for the safe use of your machines, shipping procedures, the safe use of tools and rehearsals for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders problems, or any other need that you would like to get advice and solutions for, call Santinel.


Education and related services

This sector includes businesses engaged in providing instruction and training in a wide variety of fields. Santinel is actively training specialists who understand the issues and problems specific to your industry. Whatever the nature of your business, public, private, large or small, with multiple buildings or one room, we have the ability to meet all your health and safety needs.

While most people may think that your field is not likely to have many accidents, we know that’s a mistaken view. Through a little research, you can see the many accidents and preventive leaves granted in this medium prove how hazardous it can be. We have a range of services tailored programs ranging from health promotion and prevention of risky situations (fall, harassment, stress, etc…), without forgetting the safety of machinery and lockouts for your maintenance employees, contractors, or even for your equipment in occupational training centers.

We can also provide training services to meet your high standards on all subjects in the prevention or management of occupational injuries. Call our experts for help, get a high conformity degree and get peace of mind.


Finance, insurance and real estates

Office – Car- Meeting – Customer visit – Car- Office…

People working in this sector are often dependent on their cars, customers, colleagues and work environment that is constantly evolving.

They must deal with various sources of stress, not to mention the underestimated safety risks and ergonomics in the office.

Santinel can implement products, services and programs for emergency response, first aid in the workplace, ergonomics, health promotion or industrial hygiene. Training is always a significant part of our business and is based on the years of experience we have accrued.


Medical and social services

Many people are involved with the Quebec health and social services system designed to maintain, improve and restore health and well-being to the population.

There can be no doubt about the dangers and risks that face these men and women on a daily basis; it is also the economic sector that contains the greatest number of accidents and preventive leaves in Quebec. The list of risks is long: infections, intoxications, psychological pressure, musculoskeletal disorders, cuts…

In a world where everything needs to be done, a prevention program containing strategic, concerted and implemented actions to allow workers to understand the concepts can be a great choice.

We also offer solutions in health promotion, prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, training on moving equipment, safe patient handling and movement principles and many others.

Let’s not forget all the machinery, equipment and building maintenance and management of external contractors must be treated well, we can help you get through this. For all your prevention needs or to help you manage problematic cases in your work environment, trust Santinel.


Various manufacturing industries

Variety in manufacturing companies is important, the amount and source of risk is equally varied. Being in business for 30 years, Santinel is able to offer you the services you need, when you need them.

The risks and dangers of these industries are varied and the response must be comprehensive and address all the issues. For health and safety specialists offering OHS services and training, we are best placed to understand and develop comprehensive approaches that respect, in addition to the principles of safety, your budget and implementation capabilities.

Whether it is for your issues of exposure to electricity, fire, injury and musculoskeletal disorders or for training on forklifts, hoists, lifting platforms, hot work or to train emergency workers in your workplace or to ensure that your kits always contain the required, there is just one name: Santinel.


Hunting and fishing

The hunting and fishing industry, although smaller in number of businesses, remains an important sector of the economy. Hazards to employees are numerous, whether it involves falls, work in remote areas or in sometimes unpleasant conditions.

Rely on our training services or our various programs in safety and prevention. Our consultants are there for you if prefer to improve your supervision process or develop safer work practices.

Santinel can offer a range of products, services and programs such as first aid in remote areas, industrial hygiene, adapted first aid kits and many others. Ask and you will see.

Questions? Contact us now!