We can help you manage COVID-19 in several ways

Santinel offers many products and services to help you make your work and living environments safer. Our experts are there to help you, whether in person, while respecting the standards of physical distancing and hygiene in force, or remotely, thanks to our many training and collaboration tools.


E-learning courses

OHS training in person or remotely

Support in the management of COVID-19 (traffic areas, work organization, etc)


On-site monitoring service to control symptoms

Remote training for emergency first aid, early childhood and day camp

COVID-19 awareness sessions

Additional products

To participate in the collective protection effort and to help you have access to adequate protection for your employees, we have also acquired several additional products, including:

Enterprise COVID kit

This kit includes :

2 face shields

50 disposable masks

4 liters of disinfectant concentrate (gives about 50 one-liter bottles)

Filling bottle

Eye wash solution with sterile eye cup (1 liter)

1 box of large nitrile gloves

1 box of extra large nitrile gloves

2 pocket masks with non-return valve

Alcohol swabs

Total value: $ 280

COVID Enterprise Price: $ 200

Individual COVID kit

This kit includes :

1 face shield

2 artisan masks

1 organic disinfectant bottle (1 liter)

25 disposable masks

1 box of large nitrile gloves

Box of 200 units of alcohol wipes

Total value: $ 124

COVID Individual Price = $ 100

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