• Michel Dubeau incorporates Santinel, which is active in health-and-safety training. Its offices are in Saint-Hilaire.
  • Santinel grows and has 5 employees. The company expands its expertise in accident prevention. The firm moves to new offices at 515 Sainte-Catherine.
  • When the LATMP (legislation on industrial accidents and occupational diseases) is enacted, Santinel expands its expertise in the management of accident records and contributions to the CSST. Santinel is recognized by the CSST as a training organization for first-aid in the workplace.
  • Tight for space, Santinel moves to 3467 Papineau, opposite Lafontaine Park.
  • Santinel computerizes its systems and solidifies its structure. Departments are created, managers appointed. The staff increases by 400%.



  • Santinel begins a long and costly lawsuit with the CSST regarding refunds of contributions (over one billion dollars). The long dispute went before the Supreme Court and concluded in 2000. Clients represented by Santinel recovered millions of dollars from the CSST.
  • A difficult recession, combined with the dispute with the CSST, requires Santinel, which has twenty employees, to cut staff.
  • Santinel is involved in the creation and development of software called “Les Logiciels Santinel,” which, under the leadership of its director and partner Patrice Poirier, will become SIGMA-HR Solutions (www.sigma-rh.com).
  • Following new federal regulations on safety in confined spaces, Santinel begins a long collaboration with National Defence and a little later with Bell Canada.
  • Santinel adopts a new corporate image.



  • Santinel restructures its business plan so that first-aid training becomes a “service for market penetration.” The sales department is restructured and based on a “telemarketing” team.
  • A ten-year legal dispute comes to an end in the Supreme Court with a settlement of tens of millions of dollars.
  • Santinel is 20 years old and has increased its staff by 600% since its inception. Its sister company, SIGMA-HR Solutions, is already 10 years old. Santinel invests a lot of effort in  structuring the training of first-aid attendants and automating its business processes/ operations.
  • Santinel is the largest supplier of first-aid training to the CSST. Over 1,000 workers are trained every month.
  • Santinel develops a distribution partnership with Zoll, the largest manufacturer of defibrillators in North America.
  • Santinel is increasingly active in the field of emergency response; major organizations call on its services.
  • Santinel develops a distribution partnership with the French company “IFOPSE” to distribute a simulator of virtual fires, and becomes the exclusive distributor for North America.
  • Santinel launches its new website and new corporate logo.
  • Santinel moves to the south shore and triples its office space. Santinel doubles its revenues that year.
  • Santinel continues its growth. It acquires RESQ, a company growing in the field of first-aid training and a distributor of a Philips defibrillator (AED). Santinel  accelerates the development of its prevention management services.



  • Santinel acquires FUV (Formation urgence vie), which is active in eastern Quebec, and that allows Santinel to cover the whole of Quebec with its service offering in health and safety. The acquisition of FUV, a company with a 15-year history, makes Santinel the leading supplier of first-aid service in the workplace.
  • Santinel trains 2,000 first-aid attendants in the workplace per month.
  • Santinel’s other services in management and prevention continue to develop, which doubles its sales staff. The firm will obviously benefit from the acquisition of FUV in coming years.
  • In September 2011, the celebration of its 30th anniversary began. Santinel has over 100 employees and collaborators while its sister company, FUV, has almost 50 employees and collaborators.

Everyone together make Santinel one of Quebec’s jewels in the field.

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