30 years

Santinel celebrates its 30 years

When Santinel opened its doors thirty years ago now, Health and Safety was far from being a hot topic. For Michel Dubeau, the founder and sole owner of Santinel, it was not about finding the flavor of the month or the magic formula to create a successful business. For him, health and safety is a passion and a vocation. He also taught health and safety at several universities and was one of the pioneers to work in the development of health and safety in Quebec. Thirty years ago, Santinel proposed an integrated model of health security and developed all activities necessary to achieve a culture of health and safety in organizations.

For us, health and safety is one of the work characteristics that benefit all. Employees have a safer workplace, which promotes a working environment more pleasant and efficient. For its part, the employer gets human but also financial benefits, for example, by reducing its CSST contributions and freeing amounts that can benefit the organization. All without forgetting all the positive impacts on families and the entourage of the workers who are often the first affected when an accident occurs.

For three decades, Santinel increased the number of offered services to its growing customer base and, as its workforce grew, developed new areas of expertise. For example, in the 80’s, we did not speak much of machine safety but today, professionals trained in this particular field can work full time.

The dream or mission of Santinel is to become THE reference in OHS. To achieve this, Santinel is constantly working to expand its areas of expertise, while maintaining a leading expertise in all areas of its activities to meet the majority of occupational health and safety needs of its customers.

Why has Santinel become the OHS “one stop shop”? Because customers no longer have to shop or expand their service providers list to cover all their health and safety needs. Doing business with Santinel is enjoying a complete OHS department joining industrial hygiene, prevention, management and training services. In addition, knowledge of all areas related to health and safety gives us the advantage of having a global vision when the time comes to approach a problem and be more effective in its resolution. The analysis of environmental impacts during the lockout of a ventilation system, or the determination the concentration levels of certain contaminants before the implementation of a respiratory protection program are just two examples of the integration of our services has solved a problem without having to increase the stakeholders. By mastering the entire health and safety record, we manage responsibly, efficiently and optimally.

In thirty years, Santinel has developed a solid reputation and an enviable list of clients by providing quality, tailored and flexible services, all at very competitive prices. Concerned about its customers and passionate about health and safety, Santinel has been sailing the OHS world since its birth and plans to remain there much longer.

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