About Santinel

Santinel has worked in the occupational health and safety sector for decades. Over time, the firm gained maturity and a wealth of expertise and varied services that meet the expectations of our customers. The business thrives and continues to grow due to the contributions of men and women from various backgrounds who contribute to its development and offer the best consulting services and training.

Santinel is about:

  • 30 years of service in occupational health and safety
  • 30 years of development, thinking and work in the service of its customers
  • 30 years devoted to getting to know its customers and their different management approaches
  • 30 years devoted to the mastery of the many facets of what is generally called the health-and-safety dossier
  • 30 years in the development of a comprehensive approach to integrating health and safety into the business processes of organizations so they develop a strong culture in health and safety.

Santinel is:

  • 30,000 clients, including the major employers in Quebec
  • 150 employees and collaborators
  • 25 years of partnership with the CSST in the training of first-aid attendants in the workplace
  • 30,000 employees trained annually
  • A rapidly growing company
  • Santinel is all about:
  • In-depth expertise based on the diversity and stability of its staff
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